Famous Georgian ski resort of Bakuriani, located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, near the Borjomi gorge, surrounded by mountains, alpine meadows and thick pine forests. Bakuriani combines peace and quiet with excellent facilities for sports and recreation.

Bakuriani is now turned into an alpine village, where in winter attracts skiers and snowboarders from all over

Georgia. In addition, frequent visitors of the village there are tourists from Germany and Austria, since the prices are — in order of magnitude lower in Europe.

In Bakuriani ski season lasts from November to March. Winter is cold, but not harsh. Average snow depth reaches 60-100 cm Primary riding — mountain Kokhta.

In Bakuriani in skiers have a huge selection. For professionals and advanced amateurs produced track «Tatrapoma» which presented the passport and certificate of the International Ski Federation and the certificate of the world Olympic Committee. The length of this route — 1300 m elevation — 450 m

In the skiing area «Kokhta-1» is two-track («red» and «black» difficulty). In the area of ​​»Kokhta-2″ is the track where steep slopes are replaced by more comfortable flat. The total duration of the route «Kokhta Mountain» — 1400 m, elevation reaches 450 meters

In addition, opened three new ski trails 1700-1800 m long and with a height difference of 400 m total length of the track in Bakuriani reaches 3,500 meters, elevation ranges from 850 m

Among the fans of cross-country skiing is popular Tskhratskaro rise to the pass (13 km from Bakuriani), located at an altitude of 2780 m is also possible for snowboarding. In Bakuriani are three jumping, cross-Luge. There is a ski rental and ski school.

The village has six ski lifts (including five — for children and beginners) lifts. The most notable of them — the 1200-meter «Tatrapoma» raises skiers to a height of 2200 m above sea level to the track of the same name for the professionals.

Operate as two chairlifts (including 1200-meter «Kokhta Mountain«) and the 1650-meter ropeway «Didveli» with trolleys to eight seats. The cable car lifts skiers to a height of 2200 m for 5-6 minutes.